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From the Pastor’s Desk

Hopewell and Robert J. Burch Partnership Update,

This summer Lisa Howe and I sat down to discuss ways to grow the partnership between the school and the church. I asked her if the school needed traditional school supplies for the begining of the year. She quickly answered no we need STEAM Supplies. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math.This year the students will work in Bear Dens (classes that combine students from every grade) for different STEAM projects.Our school supply list this year is a little weird. But you know who was weird, Jesus. So weird is OKAY. Below is our list of Weird items that are needed to help make 2018-2019 a great school year for the kids on Jenkins Road.

Another part of partnership is raising money for Rise Against Hunger. This year the teachers collected money as their “give back” to help support Rise. Students in one of the Bear Dens will also collect money. This year is the first year that Students and teachers are working with us in the the collection of funds.

Soon we will begin our collection of food for students to take home over the weekend. Our grocery list will be finalized in the comming weeks.

For Fun we are going to collect a few gift cards that can be given away at staff meetings.

Together lets pray for the students that come to school and church on Jenkins road. May we grow in our love of Christ together by being the example of Christ love to our neighbors.

Multi-colored card stock – 2-3 packages
Hammers – smaller for kids
4 sheets – 3/4″ exterior plywood
16 – 4″x4″ posts
box of 1.25″ galvanized screws
We need to borrow a miter saw periodically
50 Ping Pong Balls
4 rolls Scotch Blue 1.88″ painters tape
200 – 70 page spiral notebooks
Lots of lose leaf GRAPH paper
Clean coffee cans with lids
Lots of dowels of varying widths
More scrap wood
Screwdrivers, screws, nails of various sizes
1000 8 inch zip ties
48 2″ paint brushes

Jenny Anderson
Pastor of Hopewell UMC