2015 Officers & Committees – Hopewell United Methodist Church

2015 Officers & Committees

Children’s Council

The Children’s Council guides and oversees all activities involving children in the church.

Children’s Minister–TBD
Committee members–Heather Colvin, Andi Hale, Debbie Hamby, and Airey Nix

Church Council

The Church Council is composed of the leaders of all of Hopewell’s church committees and ministries.

Church Council Chairperson—Steve West
Church Council Secretary—Elaine Pierce
Church Lay Leader—Dale Morrison
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference—Phyllis Gaddy
Chairperson of Staff-Parish Relations—Greg Miles
Chairperson of Finance Committee—Rick Gaddy
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees—Lon Ziegler
Church Financial Secretary—Rick Gaddy
President of the United Methodist Men—open
President of the Methodist Women—Elaine Pierce
President of the United Methodist Youth—Branden Huber
Chairperson of the Nurturing Ministries—Sally Ziegler
Chairperson of the Outreach Ministries—Roni Fody
Chairperson of Children’s Council—Stephen Simon
Chairperson of Youth Council—Karen Estrada
Senior Adult Representative—Lucy Ellison

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee makes decisions related to the use of church funds.

Chairperson—Rick Gaddy
Pastor—Jenny Anderson
Lay Delegate to Annual Conference—Phyllis Gaddy
Church Council Chairperson—Steve West
Staff-Parish Relations Chairperson—Greg Miles
Board of Trustees Chairperson—Lon Ziegler
Lay Leader—Dale Morrison
Financial Secretary—Rick Gaddy
Church Treasurer*—Ruth Mumm
*If this is a paid position, the member will have voice without vote.

Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee is responsible for making people feel welcome and for providing assistance during Sunday services.

Greeter Coordinator–Andy Binegar
Usher Coordinator–Jason Jackson

Lay Leadership/Nominating Committee

The Lay Leadership Committee nominates church members to various leadership positions within the church.

Lay Leader–Dale Morrison
Committee Chairperson—Jenny Anderson
Committee members–Michele Adams, Sharon Collins, Phyllis Gaddy, Debbie Hamby, Christy Ingram, Greg Miles, Airey Nix, Karen West, and Tom Wilson.

Nurturing Ministries Committee

The Nurturing Ministries Committee, also known as Congregational Care, provides services to members of the congregation who need support and/or assistance.

Chairperson—Sally Ziegler
Committee members–Beth James, Mary Lee Long, Lamar Wallace

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee, also known as the Missions Committee, helps to publicize missions that church members, individually and in groups, feel called to so that others may join or provide support.  The committee also identifies possible areas of service not yet addressed by the congregation.  

Chair: Roni Fody
Committee Members: Sandy Golden, Mike Nix, Stephen Simon, Tom Wallace, Tom Wilson

Scouting Coordinators

Wilvor Butler and Duane Ellis

Staff-Parish Relations Committee

The Staff-Parish Committee is responsible for recruiting, hiring, and overseeing church staff.  

Chair–Greg Miles
Committee members–Andy Binegar, Coleman Cleeney, Mickey Godwin, David Hamby, Peggy Jackson, and Sally Ziegler.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is responsible for providing computer services during worship and special events.

Chair–Tim Brown
Committee members–Sharon Collins, Duane Ellis, Elaine Pierce, and Steve West.


The Trustees have responsibility for making sure the church facilities, including outbuildings and land, are well maintained.

Chairperson—Lon Ziegler
Vice-Chairman—Steve West
Committee Members—Sam Alexander, Colin Castagnola, Harold Eicholtz, Bill Frost, Rich Madrid

United Methodist Men


United Methodist Women

Chair–Elaine Pierce

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee is responsible for decorating the sanctuary and coordinating communion.  

Chair–Phyllis Gaddy
Committee members–Lynn Craig, Lucy Ellison, Jeanie Kemp, Elaine Pierce, and Sally Ziegler.

Youth Council

The Youth Council guides the activities of the Youth Minister with middle school and high school students.

Youth Minister–Branden Hubler
Committee members–Karen Estrada, Andi Hale, Briana Powers, Logan Powers, Pat Powers, and Carolyn Wallace.