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Prayers & Squares

Prayers and Squares

Prayers and Squares is a group of women that meet every Friday at the home of Nettie Wilson  116 Trammell Rd. , Fayetteville, Ga. 30124.  The group makes prayer quilts on request for anyone that wishes to cover a friend, family member or person with prayers.  Even if a person does not know how to quilt, we have many jobs available that help in the making of the quilts.  Also, a Bible Study and Prayer time is part of our morning meeting.  We are in the church but not of the church.  We have been asked to send quilts to various places in the United States and throughout the world.  We have also a few members from other churches in the Fayetteville, Coweta area.  For more information please contact Nettie Wilson at 770-722-7221

Prayers and Squares Quilts

“Three Commandments” of Prayers & Squares

Remember the Prayers & Squares motto: “It’s not about the quilt, it’s all about the prayers.” The purpose of your ministry must be to promote an active prayer life among the participants, not just to make and give away quilts. Strive to involve as many people as possible in your prayer efforts.

You must ask before you give the gift of a prayer quilt; surprises are not appropriate. Ask if the person to receive the quilt will accept your gift of prayer. Ask what they would like you to pray for. Ask what information about their situation may be shared with others.

Do not accept any form of payment for a prayer quilt; it is a gift of love and prayer which cannot be bought or sold. Those who request or receive prayer quilts must not be made to feel obligated to Prayers & Squares in any way.